What does Travelling mean to the new age??









When I asked my 5 year old, if she wanted to go far where Papa’s car won’t be able to go too easily, she very readily agreed but had a few concerns of her own. She wanted an exact replica of her first travel which was from Pune to Chennai. All that the trip included was air-flights to and fro and accommodation in one of the city’s most centrally located top-notch hotels. A little binge on junk food and a visit to a kids’ play zone. That was pretty much the itinerary and that was exactly what the little one expected of every travel – travel by air, stay in fancy accommodation and not to be pestered to eat vegetables.

What has happened to the old-fashioned middle-class way of taking a vacation? Where is travelling by the train wherein you arrange all your things like newspaper, radio, bananas etc. on the berth and the side tray getting ready for a long journey gone? Going to a new place meant either you hunt down and re-connect with your far-off relatives residing in the city or you look for the cheapest accommodation rarely accompanied by discounts or even basic amenities. Having queried about all these lifestyle changes, the next query arises that of the historic importance of the place. Children are definitely willing to learn a little history of the certain new place but I am not too sure how much do they look forward to it. Many a times they agree to accompany you to the forts or temples because they have already been given the incentive of visiting a play zone post the spiritual or historic visit.

Not long ago, it was still easy to travel from one end of the country to the other without having any confirmed bookings. It was easy to get transport, even easier to get trustworthy accommodation and the main part of the travel would be having no fear of any sort unless a visit to the wildlife sanctuaries hoping to see the king of the forest. This was some time ago, I wonder if it is still the same? Are youngsters today ready to risk travelling without prior bookings, without prior reservations? But then we should also see from their point of view of travel. With a zillion modes of booking options, with another trillion offers and discounts attached to each booking, why would one not avail of all the available freebies accompanying the bookings? Once done online, people don’t have to worry about having to stand in queues or carry a whole lot of excess cash or cheques.
The convenience of booking online allows the traveller complete freedom to hundreds of options regarding mode of transport, accommodation, choice of tours, trips etc. To support our discussion we can get assistance from a similar website www.ghoomighoomi.com which could give us an overview of how modern day tours and travels have changed by miles.
Here the user is allowed to choose the tours he would like to avail off depending on the places he would like to visit. Such solutions help the user to select the no. of days he can spare to travel etc. this was just to give an overview of how times have changed, will have to jot down a whole different article on the advantages of online packages etc.

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