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Jai Bholenath ! Jai Shri Ram ! Har har Mahadev !Rameswaram_temple

Rameshwaram means Ram’s Eashwar, i.e. the Lord of Shri Ram, In this case Bhagwan Shiv.

Rameshwaram  is on an island a short way away from the Ramanathpuram town on the mainland, home to the Ramanathswamy temple, a temple very sacred to the Hindus.

Since its a major pilmgrimage destination, this article is likely to have a bent that way.

Ramanathpuram being a coastal coast, you feel the sea well before you see the sea on the way to Rameshwaram, crossing over the iconic road  and rail bridge, most recently glamorised in the blockbuster movie “Chennai Express”. Although I should’ve put it the other way – the beauty of the sea there added glamour to the movie.

If you reach there by bus, which I did – all you have to do is follow the flow of devotees, along the straight road and indeed shortly the tip of the high tower of the temple gets visible. All you have to do is keep following in the direction.

The area around the hotel is full of lodges and small hotels and dharamshalas – to cater to the pilgrims who come on short visits. I walked around the temple, admiring it – it was one of the first major famous South Indian temples I’d been to – it was extremely grand . Walking around, I was also looking out for a place to stay.

It was mid-morning. I had come on an overnight bus from Bangalore, and I was rested. This was my first stop on my 3 temple town itninerary – the next 2 to be Madurai and Thanjavur.

On my second round around the temple, I shortlisted a lodge right next to the temple and checked in – a simple, neat, small room – clean and functional.

I straightened up in a few minutes and rushed out again, eager to see the sea this time. It is right behind the temple. Or the temple is right on the sea – shore (I never realised it like that till now).

The big vast sea. It looks specially beautiful and white-ish in Rameshwaram. I think Shiv temples are all situated in nature-beautiful/ inspiring places. For example, it is said, in the Himalayas the image of Shivshankar mediating, is of the mountains themselves.
Something vast, pure, serene. In this case the wide sea.

Somebody must have been moved to think of Sadashiv, who is the soul of everything and is indeed everything, and build a temple here – in this case Shri Ram. Continue reading