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laketrailChicago is a beautiful American city. I’ve heard people go on and on about New York and LA, but I was in Chicago for a few months in summer and I didnt want want to be anywhere else.
I hear Chicago winters go upto -20 to -30 degrees Celcius at it lowest. Would’ve been like hell for me. I dont know why I mention it because I got days getting warmer one after the other leading up to a bright toasty summer.

Within days of me getting there, in April-May the town brought out flowering trees in trucks and planted them in front of downtown’s skyscrapers. They rolled out grass carpets in the 40 km long lake-front stretch and summer was here.

Michigan lake is beautiful. One of America’s great lakes – shimmering, sparkling under warm, blue skies – it amused me to see signs that said “No ice-skating on the lake” ! Continue reading


rupmati-mahalI set off around noon from Indore for Mandu. Mandu or Mandavgarh is an evocative city in ruins about 100 kms from Indore. The ride was scenic and calmly in the bright afternoon sun. The local bus was very comfortable, and the fact that it had bright, lovely tribal-like patterns all over it only added to the trip. One of my co-passengers politely enquired about where I was from and where I was going to. On knowing, he indicated the strong sunshine outside and casually remarked that summer was off-season, and monsoon sees the tourist crowd when Mandu looks really beautiful.

I checked (?) into the dharamshala of the ram mandir – a double bed room with an attached bathroom ! I couldn’t make out too many residents in my neighbourhood, but it did comprise of a mosque, looking old and full of character just like the mandir I was put up in. Also in the immediate vicinity was a much newer, posh Jain mandir – with landscaped gardens and marble guesthouses – and very serene like all places of worship. Continue reading